England Tour of Pakistan 2024

3 Test Matches

October 2024

Pakistan vs England 2024

October 2024

Go back to where it all began for Not Out Travel! The whole of Pakistan are over the moon to have international cricket back in their stadiums, and the hospitality on offer backs this up. With their side slowly showing their potential to the world, it promises to be a brilliant series.

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Previous Tours of Pakistan

In anticipation, why not read about our last trip to Pakistan in 2022, with record-breaking cricket, truly outstanding hospitality and a unfogettable trip to the Hunza Valley!

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Why book with Not Out Travel for the tour of Pakistan in  2024?

Hear from our Tour Manager Nick Joyce

I have engaged in conversations with numerous cricket enthusiasts over the past couple of domestic seasons regarding overseas cricket travel. When Pakistan was brought up as a potential touring destination, 75% of them expressed clear reservations. I can completely comprehend their concerns, but it took me no more than 24 hours from my initial arrival to realize that this is an exceptional place to tour. Allow me to elucidate why.

Having traveled annually since 1975 to various locations around the world, either as a rugby player or cricket supporter, I can confidently assert that I possess extensive experience and sound judgment when it comes to sporting venues. The warmth, camaraderie, and hospitality displayed by the Pakistani people towards visitors to their country are extraordinary. Accustomed to fewer foreign travelers, they express genuine curiosity about your origin, purpose of visit, and often request a selfie.

The international-class hotels utilized by Not Out Travel are excellent, and the food at these hotels, as well as at the local restaurants, is both delightful and reasonably priced. The sightseeing opportunities are truly world-class. Experiences like witnessing the Indian Border Flag lowering ceremony, exploring the Julian Monastery at Taxila, visiting the Jinnah Mausoleum, and marveling at the incredible Hunza Valley are not to be missed. Accompanying our parties are wonderfully knowledgeable and enthusiastic local tour guides, significantly enhancing the overall tour experience.

Of course, the cricket experience is paramount. The stadiums are of high quality, easily accessible, and offer fantastic views of the matches. I cannot deny that the three victories played a crucial role in making Not Out Travels’ inaugural tour a resounding success. I have often maintained that there is no such thing as a bad tour; some are simply better than others. In the case of Pakistan, with 50 years of serious touring experience, it unquestionably ranks among my top ten.

This country warrants a personal visit. I urge you to set aside any preconceived notions, come to witness exceptional cricket, explore amazing sights, and forge new friendships. Rest assured that Not Out Travel has already dispatched an experienced Tour Manager on a pre-visit inspection to evaluate major hotels and sites, and to personally meet the local representatives who will take care of us.

And when significant events unfold, you can proudly say, “I was there.”

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