The Ashes in Australia 2025/26

5 Test Matches

November 2025 – January 2026

The Ashes in Australia 2025/26

November 2025 – January 2026

The bucket-list tour for every England cricket fan. Brendan McCullum has filled England with confidence and the team should be hitting their peak around this time. Ben Stokes and his men have a point to prove, with England having not won a series in Australia for close to 15 years when this tour comes around, it’s the one they’ll be aiming for. You just have to BE THERE!

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Why book with Not Out Travel for the Ashes in Australia 2025/6?

Hear from our Managing Director Charlie Baker

I’ve been doing this for many years, but my heart races with anticipation as I gear up for another thrilling cricket adventure Down Under. Having experienced the magic of Australia’s diverse landscapes and the intensity of cricket battles, I am beyond excited to create Not Out Travel’s tour, your trusted UK cricket tour operator, for this Ashes series from November 2025 to January 2026.

Reflecting on my previous visits to Australia, the memories of exploring the vibrant coral wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef, immersing myself in the rugged beauty of Tasmania, and traversing the scenic splendor of the Great Ocean Road flood my mind. Not Out Travel will seamlessly integrated these breathtaking sightseeing experiences between the Test Matches, making each journey an immersive exploration of Australia’s wonders.

The mention of Bazball adds an extra layer of excitement to my upcoming adventure. The prospect of witnessing their dynamic performances in the Ashes series amplifies my enthusiasm, as I anticipate high-octane moments and a showcase of cricketing brilliance.

There is a chance for England to rewrite history, and we understand the significance of this moment and will craft our tour packages that blends the thrill of the Ashes battle with the opportunity to explore Australia’s world-class sightseeing, enjoy Christmas in Melbourne and the famous Sydney New Year’s celebrations. Every package can be tailored to suit your needs, but it’s not just a cricket tour; it’s an odyssey where every wicket taken and every run scored will be etched into the history books if England emerges victorious.

The countdown to this cricketing spectacle begins. I eagerly look forward to reliving past wonderful experiences, witnessing Bazball in action in it’s toughest test, and feeling the pulse of the Ashes series as England takes on Australia. Join us down under, where the echoes of the crowd, the breathtaking sights of Australia, and the spirit of the game converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Your tour with Not Out Travel is not just about cricket; it’s a celebration of shared experiences, exploration, and the anticipation of witnessing England seize their moment of glory in the Ashes series. Let’s bring the urn home!

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